Femi Kuti Interview | Vomoz Media Presents

Vomoz Productions sits down with Femi Kuti, the Grammy Nominated, World-Renowned singer and Instrumentalist on his tour stop in Washington, D.C.! Femi’s first record was released in 1989, “No Cause for Alarm”, with Polygram records followed by MYOB in 1991. Motown offered the musician a record deal released the self-titled album “Femi Kuti” under Tabu/ Motown in 1995. He went on to release about 5 more albums. Femi has collaborated and toured with the likes of Mos Def, Common, Jane’s Addiction, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers!
In February 2018, Femi released his recent album “One People One World”! Much like his father, Femi has been dedicated to social and political causes throughout his career as he continues to fight for a free and fair Nigeria!

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