The Unknown Business Package
An HD broadcast-ready video showcasing your brand's strengths and your products' unique accessibility. This explosive exposé will serve as the ultimate introduction (or reintroduction) of your business to the public.
Promo Videos for Organizations
An HD broadcast-ready video introducing your organization's leadership, followership, services and structures in a positive light that will enhance the beauty and prestige of your brand brand.
Mini Documentary
An HD broadcast-ready video that will briefly showcase one or a couple of complementary events or initiatives that are dear to your organization and are immediately relevant to the overall promotional campaign. About 5 minutes in length
Photography & Design Package
Photographs of brand ambassadors for use on flyers and other promotional materials.
Photographs of products for use in promotional materials.
Creating designs, layouts and original artwork for promotional materials.
Promotional Campaign
Social media blasts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vimeo promotion) including community engagement and management
Pastor Signature Video
The Pastor Signature Video (PSV) is a 15-25 second video that can be embedded in the church's website, social media links and as part of the email signature of the pastor or organization leaders. It can also be used as the intro or ending of the church videos.
Long Documentary
Similar to the Mini Documentary but this is more in-depth and is over 10 minutes in length.